6 Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Advantages

You have done the work and lost considerable weight. You are now within the desired range but can’t seem to shake off some pockets. Fat pockets can be stubborn and fail to disappear despite your commitment. This does not mean you can’t spot your desired size and shape. Today, you can turn to innovative non-surgical Westport body sculpting, quick and safe treatments that tone you up and help get rid of stubborn fat. Non-surgical body sculpting offers many benefits, including:

1.  Versatility

While body sculpting is not a weight loss shortcut, it is a versatile treatment that can target virtually any spot. This ranges from the abdomen, back, arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, neck, and chin. Those tricky and sensitive spots do not have to stand in your way of spotting a slim and even shape and size. Non-surgical body sculpting can target any area and deliver effective results, a versatility that continues to propel its popularity.

2.  Minimal risks

The non-surgical approach means no incisions or the need for general anesthesia. It also means you won’t have to worry about the treatment leaving scars. Other risks and complications like bleeding or infection common with surgical procedures are also eliminated. This provides you with a safe and essentially risk-free solution for stubborn fat pockets.

Body Sculpting

3.  No downtime

Non-surgical body sculpting sessions average an hour or less. This mainly depends on the treatment area and size. The procedures are done in a doctor’s office. Since the process does not involve anesthesia or incisions, you can be in and out of the office and resume your routine. The recovery process is not overwhelming either, making it easier to stay within your schedule. Little or no downtime means you don’t have to alter your routine to accommodate the treatments, making it easier to address the issues.

4.  Few or no side effects

Non-surgical body sculpting does not involve anesthesia, meaning you won’t experience side effects like an allergic reaction. Procedures like CoolSculpting are safe and low-risk, with the only potential side effects including:

  • Feeling faint, dizzy, or nauseated
  • Decreased sensation in the treatment area
  • Discoloration, swelling, or a rash
  • Pain

The effects are mild and disappear within a short period.

5.  Long-lasting results

Non-surgical sculpting delivers gradual results. This makes the treatment more discrete. The best part is that the results can last for years, especially with proper care. If you maintain an ideal weight range, you won’t have to worry about the pockets bouncing back. Body sculpting results are more permanent, meaning you won’t feel good one day only for the stubborn fat pockets to reappear.

6.  No restrictions

After non-surgical body sculpting, you need to keep fit to enjoy amazing results. Nonetheless, this does not put unnecessary strain that could require altering your lifestyle. There are no diet restrictions like avoiding coffee or things you can no longer do. You only need to maintain a healthy weight range and enjoy a slimmer, even-toned look.

Eliminating excess and stubborn fat pockets in complex areas does not have to be overwhelming. Body sculpting offers a quick and convenient solution. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Brownell today for more on the available body sculpting treatments.