Car Rental Specials Can Make it Worth Your Money to Rent Cars

Car rental specials are offered in order to let the client get the most of his money. They can come in form of discounted trips at certain times and/or to certain places. They may also be packages which rid the client of the trouble of booking in hotels in the place of destination.

Some car rental specials involve having to pay less than the daily rental rate for an extended rental period. You can have discounts for two-day, week-long or monthly rentals. Similarly, car rental companies offer weekend special discounts for vacationers who want to have a brief weekend fling out of town. cheap car rentals abu dhabi

Other types of car rental specials may be based on the country it is being offered. Some specials will give the client one free day, others will give the discount in the form of a percentage off or a fixed amount deducted from the original price. In some countries, the client my be given some additional amenity, life a free chauffeur, a free child seat plus GPS monitor or even a free tank of petrol.

You will find many rental car specials variations of the things mentioned above in all the outfits dealing in this line of business. An easy way to ferret out these special offers is to browse through the hundreds of pages on the internet owned by car rental outfits.

But before doing so, you should have a calculator handy in order for you to be able to calculate and compare how much you stand to save from similar rental carl specials coming from different companies. And it is not just the face value of the discount you should take into consideration but the physical distance of your destination from your point of origin.

For this purpose, it will be good to have a map of the area you intend to visit beside you. Another variable which affects the value of the car rental special is the place itself that you want to visit. It is perfectly natural for prices to top vacation spots to be higher than unknown destinations where you cannot expect to find too many tourist attractions.

What you should remember about rental car specials is that they normally have a termination date. Unlike the standard discounts that can be enjoyed for every day of the year, car rental specials may be good for two or three months only. To avail of them, you have to set a date of pick-up earlier than their deadlines.

In this regard, even if you booked your trip far in advance, a week before the trip, you should ask if any new rental specials have been made available, and if so, should your trip fall outside the valid period of the special, you might ask to be rescheduled. All of this will depend on the policies of the company your are renting from.

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