Display Screen Equipment (VDU) Training For Risk Assessment

Online Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment Training

The Problem

Many people feel (quite wrongly) that the hazards associated with the use of a computer are based entirely around the visual display unit (VDU). As a result, many organisations do not treat this area of health and safety with the same degree of importance as other key work processes.

In the UK, the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 were brought in to cover the assessment of risks associated with computer ‘workstations’ – meaning the entire gambit of environment, hardware, software, and ergonomic considerations.

Given that most employers do not take the ‘whole picture’ into account they can find themselves in situations where employees suffer from their lack of understanding. Repetitive strain injury can be linked to the use of display screen equipment over extended periods. This can lead to extended periods of staff sickness with potential legal implications.

It’s a fair bet that most managers/employers would see ‘free eye’ tests as the only potential cost associated with the use of display screen equipment! linear vibrating screen

The Solution

As with many things, the solution is based on training leading to comprehensive risk assessment in the workplace.

We use the term ‘comprehensive’ because the risk assessment process should cover all aspects of the use of workstations. For instance, a workstation should be able to cater for the needs of a range of users having different physical characteristics and needs.

Fortunately, display screen equipment lends itself to a checklist approach when it comes to risk assessment. This makes the associated training element relatively straightforward compared to other hazard identification processes. Online training is therefore a very viable option because the learning process is relatively straightforward.

To facilitate DSE training and assessment, Bamis Ltd have developed an online portal called DSE-Services. DSE-Services are delivered via its website (see details below)

Individuals and organisations alike can access its training and (optional) online risk assessment recording facilities to deal with this important piece of health and safety legislation in a cost effect and informative way.

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