Getting It Right With Your Dress

Dresses offer a fast and simple dressing period compared to other pieces most of which require lots of pairing up to get the perfect final look. With a dress, you no longer have to worry too much about making the bottom and the top coordinate. On the other hand, the truth is that the dresses can still be very tricky to work out, especially considering that some women might not end up feeling comfortable in some of these dresses. When shopping, however, understanding what you are most conscious about will help you in making the right decision for your dress.

Show off your best assets – There must be something you like most about your body and this is what you ought to concentrate more on showing off when buying a dress. It could be your breasts, legs, hips or beautiful body shape. Choose a dress that will attract attention to the positive assets and keep it off areas you don’t really like or areas you are not that comfortable with. Hochzeitskleid Berlin

Cover up upper arms – The fact is that most women have difficulties toning the triceps. The wrists however tend to be narrower and more attractive. If you have flabby arms and must cover them up, choose ¾th sleeves and pair it with a thin bracelet. Cap sleeves accentuate this area so stay away from this sleeve pattern.

Hide that belly – The best thing about dresses is that they can easily help you in dealing with a frustrating midsection. For instance, dresses that tend to cinch underneath your bust line like empire waist dresses and wrap dresses that emphasize a narrow waist can be amazing. These dresses are fluttering and come with flowing fabrics which camouflage the middle areas easily hiding your belly.

Celebrate your curves – The hips are some of the most sensitive areas of a female body. While some women will be proud of their large hips, some are not that comfortable when the hips show too much. If you wish to hide them a little, you can choose dresses that loosely fit around the hips. You can however still celebrate your beautiful natural curves by going for dresses which cinch the waist and then flow over the hips. The best can be wrap dresses, A-line dresses and kimono-style dresses. Another simple way of shrinking your hips is going for dresses with darker color tones on the sides and lighter color tones around the middle.

Keep the chests looking fuller – Some women feel less feminine with their flat looking chests. With the right dress however, you will feel more comfortable and look as feminine as you wish to. To do this, strapless dresses and backless dresses are the best selections for you. They end up showing more skin taking attention off your chest. You can also try out dresses with details around the bust or those with high necks like halter dresses, turtleneck dresses, slash-neck dresses and sheath dresses

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