How Can Functional Medicine Address PCOS?

You may be showing symptoms of a disease that may be causing uncomfortable symptoms, like in the case of PCOS. Therefore, functional medicine Upper East Side will play an important role in identifying the main cause of your symptoms and focusing on treatment to eliminate them. Functional medicine applies conservative approaches that restore balance to your wellness, offering you a chance at a better and improved life. For example, PCOS treatment will apply hormonal therapy to eliminate hormonal imbalances and reduce complications.

What Causes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

PCOS results from a hormone imbalance when ovaries produce excess male hormones known as androgens. As a result, you will develop imbalances that cause missed periods, irregular menstrual cycles, and unpredicted ovulation. However, you may not necessarily have cysts when you have PCOS. Furthermore, you may develop PCOS if you have increased amounts of insulin, leading to an increased release of androgens which suppress ovulation in women.

How Do You Know You Have PCOS?

You may experience the following symptoms with PCOS, including irregular periods, which may be heavy when they come. There may be excess and abnormal hair growth around your chest, abdomen, and arms. Women with PCOS symptoms are infertile because they cannot ovulate, which helps in conception. Additionally, you may have cysts in your ovaries. Other symptoms of PCOS may include patches of dark skin, thinning hair, skin tags, and obesity. You may also fail to show any symptoms until later when you are trying to conceive, and it fails.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

What Treatments can Address POCS?

After several diagnostic tests, including blood work, ultrasound, and pelvic exams, your doctor may recommend different treatment options, including the discussion below.


Your doctor may recommend birth control pills with estrogen and progestin to decrease the production of androgen hormones. The pills will help regulate estrogen levels, thus regulating your hormonal levels thus lowering your risk of cancer, hair growth, and irregular periods. Your doctor may also recommend progestin therapy to regulate period levels, thus protecting you from endometrial cancer. However, the treatment does not lower androgen levels and may not prevent pregnancy if you wish not to conceive.

Lifestyle Changes

Your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes and home remedies you can apply to reduce the symptoms of PCOS. Such changes may include maintaining a healthy weight to lower the production of androgen and insulin, thus restoring ovulation. Your doctor may recommend a weight management program if you desire to keep fit. Secondly, you may have to limit carbohydrate intake as it increases insulin levels. You can eat diets like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Additionally, you may need to perform regular exercises to keep you healthy and lower blood sugar levels, thus preventing insulin resistance which may cause PCOS symptoms.

You can seek gynecological services for PCOS at TārāMD today. The medical team will discuss with you several treatment options you can choose to help you eliminate symptoms of PCOS. You will get guidance on how you will undergo treatment and can ask any questions if you have concerns. You can also visit the facility’s website to request an online appointment.