Key Reasons Why You Should Consider Egg Freezing

Women experience a lot of change as they age. Their bodies adjust over time and affect the hormones produced by their bodies over time. These hormones also greatly impact your ability to give birth and carry pregnancies to term. However, as time goes by, your fertility increases and reaches its peak, after which it starts reducing as you progress toward menopause. You should consider Newport Beach egg freezing to preserve the fertility of your egg when your fertility is at its peak. The following are important reasons why you should consider egg freezing.

To Delay Pregnancy

Your fertility may be at its peak, meaning it is the best time for you to consider getting pregnant. However your body may be ready, but you may be unprepared to take such a big step. Pregnancy changes you and the lives of your loved ones; it affects your work and takes all your focus. It is normal to delay pregnancy, and egg freezing is a great option that enables you to freeze your eggs while your fertility is at its peak.

Undergoing Vitro Fertilization

Vitro fertilization is commonly referred to as IVF. While egg freezing enables you to freeze your eggs for future use, IVF is the process that retrieves eggs from your ovaries and fertilizes them by sperm in a lab. If you are undergoing IVF, it would be more suitable for the mature eggs collected from your ovaries to be frozen. The frozen eggs are used in the lab if the other mature eggs fail to work. Egg freezing also helps you avoid embryo freezing.

Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer infiltrates your body, destroys normal body tissues, and spreads fast through your body. When diagnosed with cancer, you will have to undergo intense treatment that may adversely affect your fertility. Cancer treatment often affects fertility in women, especially because some cancers affect the reproductive system. You must speak with your doctor as they will best explain what measures to take and if cancer will affect your fertility. Egg freezing enables you to preserve your eggs while undergoing cancer treatment.

Circumstances That Can Affect Your Fertility

Some medical conditions may affect your fertility as they often lead to infertility. Conditions like premature ovarian failure make your ovaries stop working before you get to forty. Other conditions like thyroid problems, polycystic ovary syndrome, and pelvic inflammatory diseases often lead to infertility. Egg freezing enables you to preserve your eggs before you become infertile. If you are a transgender patient, you should consider egg freezing as surgical therapy causes a high risk of infertility. These conditions and circumstances greatly affect your fertility.

Fertility in many women is highest in their twenties. While women over thirty can still get pregnant, maintaining pregnancy becomes hard. The quality and quantity of eggs start diminishing as you age. Egg freezing enables women all over the world to preserve the fertility of their eggs for future use. When your fertility is at risk, there is still hope of building a family; due to egg freezing. Egg freezing is highly advisable as you can preserve your eggs for up to ten years. These are the reasons why you must consider egg freezing.