Knowing Leg Press Machine Safety – Getting the Most Out of a Leg Press

A leg press machine is a compound type of exercise equipment used for weight training, utilizing counter-weights that gravitate in the direction of the legs, providing resistance when pushed. It can be used to evaluate general lower body strength as well as build muscles, like the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and quadriceps, found in the lower body.

Weight variations world press machine

Experienced strength trainers can push up to 2,000 pounds of weight and more, while beginners, for leg press safety, are advised to start out with lighter weights. Pushing heavy weights when your body is not accustomed can easily lead to muscle strain or injury, negating the benefits offered by a leg press machine. For additional leg press safety, it might also be beneficial if you got to know the leg press machine you’re using before you do a round of exercise. That way, you’ll know how to operate it, preventing injuries due to misuse and optimizing results.

Kinds of leg press machines

There are sled-type and cable-type leg press machines. Also known as the vertical or diagonal leg press, a sled-type leg press machine features cast iron discs directly attached to a sled, with the sled mounted on rails. Aside from that, a padded backrest is also included. The user sits below the sled, pushing upwards with their feet. To ensure leg press safety, the sled will not move until your knees are properly angled to prevent knee and lower back strain.

As for the cable type leg press machine, it is more commonly seen in home gyms, needing the user to sit upright to push padded brackets using the feet. The brackets are attached to a stack of weights, where the weight discs or plates are held together by a steel cable. Cable-type leg press machines are usually part of home gyms because they are more compact than sled types.

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