Looking For Modular Home Manufacturers?

What are some of the top modular home manufacturers in the nation? All American Homes is certainly one of the biggest and best-known. Alouette Homes is a northern company, while Apex is based in Pennsylvania. It’s not too hard to figure out where Connecticut Valley Homes is coming from, while Excel homes are available through most of the eastern U.S. Canada’s Guildcrest Homes markets to territories near Ontario and a few northern U.S. states, while Handcrafted Homes and Professional Builders are based near North Carolina. Irontown Homes targets much of the western U.S. while Nationwide Homes concentrates on the south and in the middle Atlantic region. Finally, there’s Westchester Modular Homes, which works with the northeastern U.S. Attefallshus

Clearly, the consumer has many choices when it comes to modular home manufacturers. Many homeowners are taking the idea of modular homes seriously. These homes are stronger, cheaper and more versatile than on-site homes. Not only is it cheaper to build these homes by material; it also takes less time. The average schedule to complete a modular home is about two weeks, as opposed to about six months for a site-build property. Manufacturers assemble the modular home units in a factory and have on-site inspectors to ensure that all building codes are strictly adhered to. Assembly inside a factory also avoids damage to the materials from the outside weather. Once the home is completed, it is shipped to the address. Once the units arrive, the final construction takes about two days, a bit more if you include the time it takes to connect utilities.

If you are interested in learning more about modular home manufacturers, visit ModularCenter.com. This website can match you up with a qualified contractor, find you a quick quote, and show you photos of some of the best modular homes in the nation.

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