Professional Custom Range Hoods

Purchasing a professional custom-made range hood for your kitchen’s needs, means not only ensuring you have a ventilation system that will meet the demands of your cooking equipment, but also that you own a sleek, seamless piece of art precisely integrated with the look, feel and design of your kitchen.

Custom made designs can be created without any seams in one piece, without screwed connections, rivets, or break-lines. With the fusion-welding process the lower canopy is joined to the chimney of the hood without any ridge. They are not only extremely attractive; they are also modeled on the traditional blacksmiths hood of old, with some modern elements. This gives them the best of the classic original hood aesthetic, with all the conveniences of the top of the line modern hoods. chris com

Such a factor means it is a highly efficient ventilation system, which utilizes every inch of space it fills. The range hoods design is least to say extremely efficient and is as functional as it is attractive.

The old world craftsmanship of these range hoods is one of the most intriguing and desirable aspects of the hoods. The aesthetics, old world feel and range of styles means that there is a range hood for every style of kitchen.

The professionally made aspect of the hoods is certainly one element that has seen such hoods receive significant acclaim. The skill that goes into creating the seamless design of these pieces of kitchen engineering is certainly a worthy talking point in the kitchen.

The silence, yet amazing quality and efficiency of the fans also means they are vastly superior to alternatives. This efficiency will ensure they won’t interrupt you as your kitchen’s talking point.

The enduring beauty of these range hoods of course is another factor in their sought-after status. Choosing from a number of finishes is possible, with distressed antique copper, bronze, hammered aged copper and satin brushed copper all options as well as mirror polished, stainless polished, brass and satin brushed stainless finishes. These individual finishes can really create a very elegant and distinctive look in a range hood and certainly hark back to an older and more attractive time. For many they will find such finishes go beautifully with their current kitchens and contrast wonderfully against the current materials, whether modern, or natural.

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