The Best Dental Treatment Options for a Smile Makeover

Research has shown that smiling encourages the body to release feel-good hormones, which boosts your mood. Crooked, chipped, or misaligned teeth can impact your sense of well-being. Fortunately, Advanced & Comfort Dentistry offers fast and effective smile makeovers Whitehall to restore your teeth’s appearance.

Boost confidence with a smile makeover

A smile makeover is a procedure to enhance your teeth’s appearance and boost your smile. Your provider will help you choose the best option to address gum problems and teeth discoloration.

Your dental specialist will consider your teeth’ color, facial structure, and gum tissue exposure before developing a treatment plan. Whether you have cracked enamel or jaw alignment, the process can be customized for your needs.

Some of the issues a smile makeover can address include:

  • Tooth fractures and discoloration
  • One or more missing teeth
  • Replace decaying teeth
  • Lengthening teeth

Teeth whitening for discoloration

Your teeth’s color is the most notable aspect of your smile. You may lose your confidence or self-esteem if the enamel has stains or discoloration.

Professional-grade whitening solutions are much safer than the widely available over-the-counter options. Conventional products can be too concentrated and may damage your teeth.

The in-office procedure involves customized trays placed over the tooth’s enamel. It employs a laser to activate the bleach solution and whiten your teeth in minutes.

Veneers to lengthen teeth

Veneers can address discoloration to restore the enamel’s color and shine. The ceramic shell is affixed in front of the tooth. They require minimal preparation and take less time.

A dental veneer is also an ideal solution if you have uneven teeth. Placing the ceramic shell on the tooth lengthens shorter teeth to eliminate inconsistencies.

Crowns to fix cracked and chipped teeth

A crown is a ceramic cup that covers the teeth for aesthetic and restorative purposes. The device is fabricated from sturdy materials that can withstand intense pressure. It is considered to be an ideal choice for protecting fractured enamel.

Extensive enamel chips and cracks could have implications beyond your smile’s aesthetics. The fractures may allow bacteria to infect the gum tissue, spreading to the rest of your oral cavity. Therefore, crowns are essential for minimizing cases of periodontitis or tooth loss.

A full mouth reconstruction

You can also discuss with your provider about undergoing the mouth reconstruction procedure. The treatment is ideal for patients with multiple aesthetic and oral health issues.

For example, you may require a full mouth reconstruction after a dental injury. The restorative procedure may involve using dental implants to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants could also support dental bridges necessary when you lose multiple teeth.

Depending on your diagnosis, the process may involve bone grafting to restore jawbone volume. Grafting is crucial before using dental implants. Otherwise, the devices will not have adequate support.

A full mouth reconstruction is an intricate procedure and requires an accurate diagnosis. Your dental specialist will guide you through the process to enable you to choose the best treatment options.

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