Treatment Options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you have an unusual sensation in your hands that worsen with time and persists for a long time? You may have carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that results from nerve pinching in the wrists. You may begin finding it hard to do what you love because every activity will feel like a strain. Thankfully, carpal tunnel syndrome North Austin treatment and relief options give you a chance at normality. Here are a few treatment options your doctor may recommend.

Self-Care Practices

You can try a few practices at home to help you reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. You can begin by taking regular breaks when performing tasks like typing. Take time to stretch your hand and wrists to increase blood flow. Secondly, you may need to wear splints to keep your wrists straight and help release the pressure on your nerves. Teach yourself to relax your grip when typing and writing to reduce strains that may worsen your condition. You may have to avoid activities that need too much flexing of your wrists to extreme directions. Instead, practice keeping your wrists in a neutral position as often as possible. Furthermore, you can elevate your hands, keep them warm and use pain relievers to keep your wrists at ease.


Your doctor may recommend steroid medications like cortisone to reduce swelling in your hands and wrists. At times you may take the medications as pills, while at other times, your doctor may administer them as injections. Your doctor will inject it directly into your wrist so it goes to the carpal tunnel to relieve you. However, steroids are not a permanent treatment option for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Physical Therapy

Your doctor may teach you exercises that help stretch and strengthen your muscles. You will learn how you can apply different motion exercises to relieve stress on your wrists, especially when you are doing activities you enjoy.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Your doctor may resort to surgery as the last treatment option if all other treatments fail to relieve pain. Surgery will aim to relieve pressure on your nerve by cutting a ligament. Your doctor can perform surgery in two ways. First, your doctor may use an endoscopic surgery technique involving an endoscope with a camera. During surgery, your doctor will do a small wrist cut, insert the endoscope, and then cut the ligament that presses on your median nerve. After the cutting of the ligament, you will be able to feel better because of the relief of pressure from your wrist. Secondly, your doctor may perform an open surgery involving cutting along your hand’s palm over your carpal tunnel. Your doctor then cuts the ligament to free your median nerve from pressure.

Find out more about the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome at Republic Spine and Pain. Your doctor will take you through the possible treatment procedures you may need while outlining the risks and benefits of each. Whatever treatment option you decide on, your doctor will ensure you get maximum results. Therefore, visit the facility today to learn more.