Types Of Snow Blower Engines For Sale

Many homeowners had more workout than they wanted this winter as they shoveled their sidewalks, driveways, and cars. Those who were lucky enough to have purchased a snow blower before they were sold out were breezing through the snowplowing chores. Some made quicker work of this task than others did because they purchased a snow blower containing one of the larger engines for sale.

When it comes to snow blowers, the engine does make a difference. A single-stage snow blower contains an augur that pulls itself through snow. These models require less power and torque, so the motor is usually only 3.5 to 6.0 horsepower (HP) as compared to the 5 to 13 HP versions used in two stage blowers. Small single-stage blowers are offered in both electric and gas-powered versions but the electric is preferred, especially in extremely cold weather.

The smallest form of snow blower driven by an auger is the 3.5 HP 2 cycle engine. A larger self-propelled blower may require more power due to the power steering feature. Therefore, a bigger motor will be standard on these machines, which will make them more expensive. ls engine shop

Small electric motors have electronic ignition, an aluminum block, and a cylinder sleeve that protects the cylinder from wear. Blowers powered by gas use either a side valve or overhead valve design. The side valve model will yield up to 13 HP and the motor is very loud and much dirtier than the overhead valve version. Side valve models come in both two and four cycle varieties. The two-cycle motor is inexpensive to fix and can be found on the smaller blowers, while the four cycle model is found in larger HP motors.

When selecting snow blowers, choose models with the largest engines for sale to accommodate their use. Someone blowing snow from a small area will only need a single-stage blower with about 4.5 HP. Larger jobs will require more power and may require a two stage overhead valve 13 HP model.

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