What is the Best Vaginismus Treatment?

Vaginismus can be well treated without medication, hypnosis or going through surgery. The difficulties in penetration and the sexual pain are both treatable if you follow an expert program designed especially for these problems. The best program is gradual and allows for higher success rate achieved step by step. The treatment for vaginismus has to include the most important 5 steps:

1. Understanding the problem

2. Eliminating vaginal tightness

3. Learning insertion techniques

4. Learning vaginal insertion techniques using dilators

5. Doing exercises before sexual intercourse is performed

Step 1 – Understanding Vaginismus

This step is crucial to help the woman understand what is happening in her body and prepare her to take action to solve vaginismus for ever. Every woman suffering from vaginismus needs to identify any emotions within her that are contributing to sexual pain with penetration. Emotions recognized will help figure out what contributes to the pelvic responses associated with penetration. Woman having painful memories needs to realize the connection it has with vaginismus. Traumatic events can also influence pelvic responses and the woman has to learn to move forward without the emotions involved with the past history. vaginismus treatment

Step 2- Eliminating Vaginal Tightness

Treatment strategies to treat vaginal tightness have to goal of eliminating the involuntary tightening of the vagina caused by tight contraction of the pelvic floor muscles in the vagina. In this step, the woman learns to control and exercise the pelvic floor muscles to eliminate the vaginal tightness and prepare her vagina to the next step, pain free penetration.

Step 3- Learning Insertion Techniques

Every woman having penetration difficulties or pain needs to learn the right techniques to allow initial entry without pain. In this step, the woman learns muscle control techniques to allow the entry of a small object (cotton swab, tampon, or finger) into their vagina, working completely under her own pace. Any involuntary muscle contractions that had previously closed the entrance to the vagina made penetration difficult, is actively diminished. The woman learns how to flex and relax the pelvic floor under her own control, eliminating unwanted vaginal tightness and allowing pain free entry to the vagina.

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