What You Need to Know Before Getting Dermal Fillers

Before you get dermal fillers, it is important to understand what they are and how they work. Dermal fillers are injectable substances that can add volume and shape to areas of the face or body where a person may want more definition or help reduce wrinkles. A dermal filler Rockville Centre is composed of a gel-like substance made from hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the body, and helps keep skin hydrated and full.

Some common areas for these injections include the cheeks, chin, jawline, lips, and wrinkles around the eyes. Depending on the size being treated and each patient’s specific needs, different dermal fillers are available.

Benefits of consulting a specialist

It is important to discuss all options with your healthcare provider before making a decision about which type is best for you. To ensure safety and proper care, use a healthcare provider trained and certified to perform dermal filler injections.

Additionally, it is important to understand the potential risks associated with these types of treatments. These may include bruising or swelling at the injection site and temporary discomfort during and after the procedure. Other rare but more serious complications may include infection, nerve damage, or an allergic reaction to the filler material.

Reasons to get dermal fillers

· Enhance facial features

Your facial features can be augmented with dermal fillers allowing you to achieve a more youthful and sculpted look. The procedure can also restore lost volume, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin texture.

· Improve self-confidence

The results of a dermal filler treatment may boost self-confidence by giving you the appearance you want to present to the world. Feeling good about how you look can lead to an increase in confidence and life satisfaction.

· Natural results

Dermal fillers create natural results that look like your own skin without surgery. The effects of dermal fillers are also long-lasting, though the duration will vary from person to person depending on the type of filler used and how quickly your body breaks it down.

· Restore facial volume

Aging, sun exposure, or genetics can cause the face to lose volume in certain areas leading to wrinkles, sagging skin, and hollowness. Dermal fillers are an excellent solution to help restore the lost natural volume and smooth out unwanted wrinkles.

How to prepare for the procedure

It is important to discuss your goals, expectations, and any medical conditions with your doctor before the procedure is done. It is also important to avoid certain medications that can increase the risk of bruising or bleeding. These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E supplements, and fish oil.

It is also recommended to avoid drinking alcohol and other substances before the procedure, as they can interfere with the injection process and increase the risk of unwanted side effects. Your doctor may also recommend that you cleanse your skin before treatment to minimize the risk of infection.

Dermal fillers aftercare

Most dermal filler treatments have minimal downtime, and you can expect to be able to return to your normal day-to-day activities immediately after the procedure. It is important to follow any instructions given by your healthcare provider to ensure good results and help minimize the risk of side effects.

If you are considering dermal fillers, it is important to speak with your specialist at South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine.