Why You Should Use Lifting Straps to Keep Your Back Healthy

Moving furniture and large, bulky items is easier with the use of moving straps. There are a variety of moving straps. The goal when lifting large objects is to safely move the object without causing damage or physical injury. This becomes difficult if the width of the item exceeds your arm span or when the item is being moved over uneven surfaces. To do this safely, you must understand how to lift without causing injury, especially to your back. Then you need the tools available to make this process easier.

Whenever you lift something, you must be aware of any strain you put on your back, especially the lower back. Large companies spend lots of money each year training their employees how to lift items safely. Even lifting something as simple as a box of paper can result in injury if not done properly. Taking just a few minutes to use proper form while lifting could save you years of back pain.

Most important to remember when lifting is to use your largest and strongest muscles. Lift with your legs and shoulders rather than placing pressure on your lower back. If you are leaning forward, do not bend at the waist. Instead, place on leg in front of the other and then reach. If you are lifting a large object from the ground, avoid using a dead lift where you bend at the waist to pick up the object. Instead, squat down, secure the object and then use the muscles in your legs to stand. With a bulky object consider using one of several lifting straps to add leverage and make the process much easier.

There are different types of moving straps available such as the teamstrap, the forearm forklift and the shoulder dolly moving strap. All of these straps are useful in securing larger objects. By isolating the object with a strap, you avoid struggling to keep the item steady. With two people working together, moving large bulky items can become a breeze.

The teamstrap consists of two shoulder straps and a moving strap. Just as expected, the shoulder straps can be adjusted around each person shoulders and connected to the moving strap. Since the strap is doing all the heavy work, the arms are left free to gently guide the object being carried. lifting strops

The forearm forklift strap uses a similar concept. The weight of the object is lifted by the arms, instead of the shoulders, so this is useful in lighter weight, yet cumbersome objects like a mattress.

The shoulder dolly moving strap has a little more flexibility and strength. With two separate harnesses that adjust the moving straps through a metal bracket, you can carry larger and heavier items using your strongest leg and shoulder muscles.

With proper lifting techniques, and the proper moving tools such as moving straps, the thought of moving large objects becomes less daunting. Keep your back healthy and use proper leverage and tools for a smart and easy move.

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